White eyed demons

ULC: Shadowed Being is some type of shadow-like humanoid with white glowing eyes. Tristan has stated that "Dark characters with white eyes appear a lot on TV, so these things may have a deeper secret." Research is on going concerning this statement.

These ULC's were found at midnight at the capital of The [Censored]. They were seen possessing people. The possessed victim's eyes would become white, much like other shadow beings, and they would start attacking other citizens. These beings are being contained in a very dark, reinforced containment chamber, made to look like the interior of a church. Also, these ULCs seem to have an acute fear of water.

There were a few sightings of them in the outside of the base so there may still be some of them out there. If any are sighted, staff are to report to the Containment Office so that Containment Squad "Night Lights." may be dispatched for containment of other beings.