ULC Fairies of light appear to be a bunch of spheres with wings of different colors. They were discovered in the [CENSORED], China.

They are peaceful towards humans, except if the person that they see has done anything that would be morally and legally wrong. In which case, they would curse the person. The curse would make the person have nightmares of being burned by the fairies, and then the would eventually go insane. Whether or not this is a result of the dreams, or due to the curse's effects, has yet to be determined.

The fairies are now being contained in a chamber with the walls and ceiling being made of stone. But it is possible that some of these have yet to be contained.

One incident has happened on [CENSORED], August, where a criminal was sent in the chamber and he began to scream while seeing the fairies. He scratched the windows, and then blacked out ,still screaming even while unconscious.