Mr. Willson was our co-founder of this base he helped the Founder Build this base in the year 1999.

He has also hired all the guards necessary To contain the Uknown beings. He has also placed the hidden cameras outside of the base to find unwanted people.

Mr. Willson started to get Frustrated and destroyed the most advanced U.F.O's. His frustrating became worse in the year (Censured). he destroyed containment chambers and entrances...

Some guards have theories that his frustration has been caused by ULC Shadowed Beings?

the next day Mr. Willson has mysteriously vanished none of our cameras could spot him.

Contacts with him have failed for 2 weeks and then he has replied with this.

I saw the truth of the universe. May we never meet again...

Our scientists speculated that they saw him looking At the sky for a split second.

Also, some personnel thought that they heard his voice saying.

Dear Angel I need the warmth of your light as you serve our GOD

Also, he has appeared in his office staring at the personnel looking back at him his expression would be slowly changed to the neutral expression and then he would vanish.