MO Also known as Mysterious Objects are objects that seem to have strange functions and paranormal accurences such as this old radio. this radio was used at the first world war and it was created to hear the enemies plans It worked out wonderflie until one day when the enemy soldiers died.

At that time The ones that survived heard screaming from the radio and crying for mercy the voices seemed to be mixed with a static sound it was sent in the U L C base for expection and a few tests were done with some testers.

Tester number 1 heard his brother that passed away his brother told him to listen to his heart and to make the right choices.

Tester number 2 has heard the distorted voice of an old man said to be his grandfather he told him that he wishes to take his body

The final test was done with our Co-Founder Mr. (Censured) the voice of Mr. Willson was heard saying

I'm fine told the staff that the afterlife is not as bad as you imagine it to be we may meet again.